Beer Review: Cerveceria Insurgente Tres Cabras (Collaboration with Oersoep & Rooie Dop)

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Song of the Week 12/11/17 & No Label Brewing Co. Mojito Lime Gose Review

Trying something new as well for my Song of the Week posts. I ended up making a small webisode for Youtube. Please click the link below and watch the episode feature on the Chilean band, Blood Oath, and the Craft Beer review of Mojito Lime Gose by No Label Brewing Company.

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The Beer Metal Show Season 1 Episode 1


In late October 2017, a new idea came to mind. This idea was to put my reviews up in a podcast. I purchased some inexpensive equipment to start off with, since I am a cheap mother fucker, and I am good at making cheap shit work like luxurious shit! It was definitely a lot easier to talk about a beer over a microphone rather than typing out what I was trying to say in paragraph form for the blog. I will still put up a written review here and there for those that are not reviewed on the podcast, but majority of my beer reviews will now be talked about. I hope you still follow my Craft Beer & Metal journey, and click the link to the podcast. Please share it, comment, like it, all that good shit.

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