Review: BrewDog Dogma

dogmaBrewery: BrewDog UK
Beer: Dogma Original
Style: Spiced/Herb Ale
ABV: 7.8%
Character: Brewed w/ guarana, Californian poppy seeds, kola nut and Scottish heather honey
Metal Connection: LOCK UP – Vomiting Evil


First thing first, I had the hardest time finding information about this particular beer online. If you go to the BrewDog website and look up “Dogma” you get an orange labeled heather honey infused scotch ale. On to Google… “Brewdog Dogma”… found a few websites calling the one I purchased the Brewdog Dogma Original. OK, I’ll go with that then. Oh yeah, and I just read that this one used to be called BrewDog Speed Ball. Awesome! Continue reading


New Brew Thursday Reviews are posted!

After coming home from work, and having a great home cooked meal, it was time to crack open the good stuff on yet another New Brew Thursday (Thanks Untappd!). Today we went with two beers, one brand new to me, and the other was a beer I have had the pleasure of enjoying before a few years ago. As usual, click the images to take you to the page of the review! Enjoy your weekend! I know I will, and yes…there will be more beer reviews posted this weekend! Cheers to Beers, and Horns to Metal!

LancasterKolsch            Frambozen

Took a Road Trip down the highway to Freetail Brewing Co.

Yup, left work a bit early to meet up with some friends so we can talk shop over some delicious craft beers! Today (technically yesterday, but I am still up from yesterday and it’s 4am!) I stopped at Freetail Brewing Company, mostly cause they had a special rare cask by Branchline Brewing Company there. Well worth the trip! Click the logo below to get to the article! Cheers!


For the Devil sends the beast with Hops!

See that up there! Yeah, I know, I’m pretty clever with this post’s title! haha! I chose this cause it was a line from the intro to Iron Maiden’s song, The Number of the Beast, which is perfect to reference this beer I drank and reviewed tonight. Lone Pint Brewing Company – 667 Neighbor of the Beast IPA.

One thing I added to this review that I will add from now on is a “Song Pairing”. I will choose a song that I think compliments the beer, either cause of the name, artwork, aroma, or taste. I did this cause I have yet to really incorporate the Metal side to this site. I am slacking there. Hopefully one day I will actually do a damned Music review! Click the image below to get to the review! Cheers!


Kiss me, I’m shitfaced!!!! New beer reviews posted!!!!

Yesterday, my fiance and I felt like enjoying some good beer while sitting outside on what was a beautiful day. I wasn’t going to mix business and pleasure, but I like to review new beers, and I planned on having a few new ones, so I said what the hell, I’ll do a few reviews. Click on each image to be directed to the review of that beer. I had some pretty interesting beers today, including one brewed by “The Man”, the enemy! You’ll see what I mean!

WorthingtonsWhiteShield     StoneSmokedChipotle     AmaBruna

and since it’s 4am, but I am still awake from the day before and it is now Saint Patrick’s Day, I will leave you with one of my favorite songs by the band, Dropkick Murphys. ENJOY!

Founders Brewing Co. (Michigan) coming to Texas!

Founders-BrewingFounders Brewing Co. has partnered with Ben E. Keith Beverage Distributors to offer their unique beers across the Lone Star State beginning April 2013. Founders Brewing Co., established in 1997, has evolved into one of the highest recognized breweries in the United States. Texans will now have the opportunity to enjoy their products without having to leave the state.

“Texas is an up-and-coming market, and we’re impressed with what we’re seeing there,” said Co-Founder & CEO Mike Stevens. “We’ve been getting more and more inquiries from Founders fans in Texas over the past couple of years. The Ben E. Keith team is dedicated to the craft beer market and is helping introduce complex brands like ours to eager consumers who are hungry for them. Besides, we’ve always wanted to get Founders beer to Willie Nelson’s home state. Now the time is right.”
“We are delighted to partner with Founders,” said Specialty Division Manager at Ben E. Keith Kevin Nettleton, “and are eager to distribute their esteemed beers in Texas.”
Founders plans to include all of its year-round and seasonal ales as draft product in the first shipment for an April 8 release. Bottled beers will be released in May, and specialty releases will be available following the release schedule from there. Continue reading

Iron Maiden and Craft Beer!

Trooper_pump clip_main hiNews today hitting both the Beer and Metal worlds is that the Iconic, legendary, and a personal favorite to BeerMetalDude, Heavy Metal band, Iron Maiden has teamed up with British brewery, Robinsons to create their own beer respectfully named, The Trooper!

Iron Maiden is a worldwidely known Heavy Metal band who has graced us with such hits as “Iron Maiden”, “Wasted Years”, “Aces High”, “The Trooper”, and many many more throughout their still ongoing career.

Robinsons Brewery seems to have a lot of beers to offer, but here in the states, and locally for me, I have only seen two of their beers sold in stores, “Old Tom”, a Dark Strong Ale (and pretty good too) and “Old Tom Ginger”, a Ginger infused Ale (and not so good! Bleh!). So with only two of their beers tasted, and having a 50% liking so far, I am really hoping that this beer does not dissapoint. In the words of one of my friends, and band mates “I hope it tastes like war, death, and gun powder…haha!” Couldn’t have said it better myself! Continue reading