turns 2 years old today!!!


Well, like most award winning speeches that say “I was totally not prepared for this,” I was totally not prepared for this, and I mean it. Unaware that this day was upon us until logging into WordPress to  do some work on the site, and I get a nice little notification letting me know that today marked 2 years since the site started. Holy Fuck! Seriously?! I was completely thrown off by this news.

Last year for my 1 year party, I had a nice bottle share that happened at my nearest Big Hops location here in San Antonio. Today, I sat at home with a very slight hangover from hanging out last night with some old co-workers of mine. As I type this, I am drinking a nice cup of hot coffee, instead of a cold (or room temperature) Coffee Stout! Oh well, I had enough beers last night to cover for today. Crazy part about today is that it is also Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, a day known for partying and drinking lots of alcohol. Today had two good reasons to drink a beer, but nope, not this guy! Not today!

I know I am lame! Bite me!

Be back tomorrow in full swing. Just toast your next beer to me, and we will all say that we partied together today in celebration for this website’s birthday! Many more awesome Beer Reviews and Metal Connections lined-up for the rest of this year!

Cheers & Hails!

Aaron “BeerMetalDude” Mendiola


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