Is Dead?

Shattered brown beer bottle isolated on the white background

When I first started back in February 2013, my goal was to post a review for every single unique beer that I drank. It had great momentum at the beginning, as my vision was coming true. Towards the end of that first year, I got my first job in the craft beer industry as a Tapmaster (bartender) at a local draft beer bar and growler filling station called Big Hops. I found myself consumed by the work, and always working nights, so my own bottles at my house were going days, weeks, even months untouched. I would then start bringing in bottles to share with the local folks. Lacking my camera at work, I wold not include a lot of those onto the website. I started to get behind on my posts.

Fast forward to the end of 2014. My reviews were being posted 3-6 months later after actually drinking the beer, so it was getting difficult to keep up with the current seasonal offerings, label changes, or even bottle to can changes. It all seemed very outdated at times. A lot of the beers would later just be posted on my Flickr photo gallery with just a rating score review with no actual tasting notes attached. Not the way I envisioned this at all.

My cell phone would be a major tool in even trying to keep up with the beer reviews. As I would drink a beer that I knew I wanted featured on the site, I would use a notepad app and take very detailed notes, so it would be easy for me when the review would be posted to the site. At the same time, the end of 2014, I was shopping for a new phone, and when I purchased my new phone, I had to give up my old phone as a return to get a discount. Well in my excitement, guess what I forgot to save or transfer? Yup, you guessed it… all my review notes. I am not sure on the exact number but it could have been well over 30 beer reviews, which would have been a big chunk of content for the site. Losing this data has been very discouraging, and I seem to have lost my drive for this website.

One of the major problems I have is that I do beer trades with a fellow beer blogger and I see him posting the beers I send him back to back and all at once. Every single beer I have ever sent him has already made his page. I can not say the same for my side of things. Again, all very discouraging.

Let’s go back to the question at hand, shall we. Is dead? The answer to that is FUCK NO!!! I will never give up my website. I just hit a low point right now, but all I can do is pick myself back up, and I plan on it. I have been taking new notes on my new phone, and now that I have a laptop, I also use this as a note taker. I sill find myself fighting for time though. I have since left the bar, to join a local brewery named Busted Sandal as a sales rep, so I am constantly on the road. So lives on, but the battle still remains.

Version 2.0 begins now!!!!!


One thought on “Is Dead?

  1. Damn right man, there’s always going to be ups and downs but as long as the passion for reviewing still there, that is what is important. Stay up my friend. Cheers!!

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